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Funeral Flower Arrangements

If you're looking for a way to express your feelings during a difficult time, flowers are always a great option. Whether they’re sent in advance of the funeral service or placed at the gravesite, funeral flower arrangements can provide a meaningful tribute to a loved one who has passed away. Here at Sympathy Flower Arrangements, we’ll explore why flowers are an appropriate gesture for funerals and provide tips for selecting and sending meaningful flower arrangements. Read on to discover the beauty of saying goodbye with flowers.



Flowers can be a meaningful addition to a funeral or memorial service. They provide comfort for families and friends, and convey a natural beauty that captures the remembrances of loved ones in an elegant way. Funeral flowers come in a variety of colors and arrangements, with special meaning attached to each type. When considering funeral flower arrangements, the personal preference of the deceased should be taken into consideration, or it can be based on the type of service being held or the request of the family.


Flower arrangements typically correspond with common funeral themes such as sympathy, love, and remembrance. Popular arrangement styles include casket sprays, which are placed on top of the casket itself; standing sprays and wreaths which can be either hung up or placed on an easel; garlands that drape around doorways; and tabletop flower arrangements for other parts of the venue. Choosing to send flowers as part of your respect also gives you a way to express your sympathy directly to family members in this time of grieving.

Types of Funeral Flower Arrangements


Funeral flower arrangements can be a meaningful way to express condolences in honor of a lost loved one. Whether you want to express sympathy through color, theme, or sentiment, many funeral flower arrangements are available.


The most popular arrangement for funeral services is an open casket spray, which is placed on the top of the casket before the service begins. These elegant designs can come in various colors and sizes to reflect the unique personality of your loved one.


Bouquets and vase arrangements are also popular for funerals, and there are many types that you can consider for different shades and colors. For example, roses often signify love and devotion, while lilies symbolize purity and innocence. Brightly colored flowers like gerbera daisies create a cheerful atmosphere; while heavier blooms like hydrangeas and chrysanthemums represent sincere emotions of sadness or grief. Additionally, ivy plants or live trees are becoming increasingly popular as they symbolize life's cycles and infinite circles of renewal.

Tribute pieces such as standing sprays or hearts may also be used in memory during the service. These pieces typically incorporate stunning floral designs that contain more than one type of flower to make an eye-catching display. Popular tribute pieces include crosses adorned with vibrant blooms; hearts festooned with cascading foliage; or baskets brimming with bright blossoms. Some mortuaries require delivery in advance and guest enrollment so it is important to get all details beforehand in order to make your arrangement choice accordingly.


The Benefits of Funeral Flower Arrangements


Funeral flower arrangements serve a variety of purposes at funerals. From expressing sympathy to honoring the departed to providing comfort to family and friends. Flowers can play a key role in the mourning process. Flower arrangements can be used in many ways at funeral gatherings, from an arrangement placed on top of the casket or gravestone to several smaller bouquets distributed around the service area.

Funeral flower arrangements offer many benefits including:

  • They can provide emotional support and comfort for family members in their time of need.
  • Flower arrangements are a meaningful way to express heartfelt sympathy for the deceased and honor their life’s milestones.
  • A strategically placed flower arrangement provides a focus point during services that allow people to pray and meditate on their own thoughts and memories of the deceased.
  • The scent produced by funeral flowers helps to create a calming atmosphere at funerals, helping mourners cope with their sadness.
  • Flower arrangements help distinguish between different sections in an auditorium or chapel during funeral gatherings, allowing easier navigation for attendees if needed.
  • Flower arrangements add beauty and charm which gives visitors something aesthetically pleasing while they remember the person they’ve lost.

Tips for Selecting Funeral Flower Arrangements


When selecting funeral flower arrangements, there are many factors to consider. The type of flowers, their color and size, the arrangement style, and the overall look should all be given careful thought. There are no hard and fast rules regarding funeral flower etiquette, but here are some tips that can help you make an informed decision.


Type of Flowers: It is important to choose flowers that were meaningful to the deceased. Popular choices include roses, lilies, orchids, carnations, and chrysanthemums. However, if there was a special connection between the person and a specific type of flower (such as tulips or daisies), then it is appropriate to select those as well.


Color: Funeral flower colors typically represent values such as innocence (white), purity (bluish-white), or faithfulness (red). Selecting a few colors with meaning can create a beautiful tribute to the deceased while also conveying a powerful message about them.

Size: When selecting flowers for a funeral arrangement, larger types such as roses or lilies tend to be more appropriate than smaller types like violets or freesias for larger sympathy bouquets. Smaller blooms can be mixed in for added texture, but keep in mind that when grouped together in an arrangement they may get lost among the larger blossoms.


Arrangement Style: There are several popular styles for arranging flowers including wreaths, sprays/garlands, and bouquets/table pieces. Each has its own look and conveys different sentiments depending on its size and shape - so it's important to know what will match your needs best before making your selection.


Overall Look: Your funeral flower arrangement should reflect your individual style while still capturing the spirit of remembrance in an appropriate way. Consider coordinating with other chosen colors (such as décor at a service), incorporating items such as candles or ribbons, and keeping seasonal trends in mind (e.g., lush spring blooms vs icy winter whites) - all these touches can help provide unique personal touches that capture both beauty and sentimentality in one design

Popular Funeral Flower Arrangements


Funeral flower arrangements are an important part of paying tribute to a loved one, and there are many different types of sympathy arrangements that can be created. Some popular options include wreaths and sprays, baskets and crosses, vertical designs, and more. Depending on the message you want to convey, different flowers may be used in each arrangement.


Wreaths and Sprays: Wreath arrangements provide a sense of continuity around the traditional coffin shape. Depending on the flower selection, these arrangements can express sentiments such as joyous remembrance or sorrowful farewells.

Baskets: Funeral basket designs are unique in that they serve as living memorials of the deceased’s life — with meaningful details like ribbons or messages subtly tucked into the bouquet. Common flower basket flowers include roses, daisies, carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums, and more.

Crosses: Of all funeral flower arrangements available at most florists or online shops, crosses offer perhaps the most powerful symbol of remembrance — especially when combined with fragrant white lilies or long-stemmed roses.

Vertical Designs: While generally associated with sympathy arrangements for delivery to homes or offices during a time of bereavement, floor baskets can also grace funeral homes as well. These taller designs often combine harmonious colors representing a celebration of a life lost too soon in addition to elegant shapes conveying spiritual guidance for his loved one's future.


Color Meaning and Symbolism of Funeral Flower Arrangements


Flowers for funerals have long been used to express your condolences due to their sweet scent, beautiful color, and comforting presence. In addition to providing an atmosphere of peace and reverence for a service or home, the meanings behind certain flowers can further enhance the sentiment of sympathy being conveyed. Many traditional flower arrangements convey love, comfort, and hope which can be a source of support during a time of grief.


White is traditionally seen as a symbol of innocence or purity. Daisies-like blooms such as lilies, daisies, or gladioli have frequently been selected for funeral arrangements because white flowers are thought to represent a heavenly perspective on mortality. Other white flowers that can be featured in flower arrangements are chrysanthemums (or mums), roses, and alstroemeria (Peruvian lilies).

Purple is usually associated with accents in flower bouquets due to its rich symbolism – it implies love, admiration, wisdom, respect, and courage. Purple is often used to express sorrow due to its inherent majestic presence; this regal color projects that loss has been felt at the highest level and bloom choices may include hydrangeas or specialty mauve roses.

Red has come from both the human heart feeling sadness from loss as well as the fiery emotions accompanying intense feelings of grief; it's not hard to notice when red pops up in flower arrangements crafting a picture that death has come close by through vibrant blooms such as carnations or gerbera daisies. The ancient Greeks believed red was needed for balance between two worlds – one here on earth and one beyond what eyes could see in heaven.

Pink Flowers have grown very popular in recent years and range from delicate baby roses conveying a soft innocence that restrains any harshness while suggesting sensitivity and gentleness even when expressing sorrow at someone’s passing away; other popular pink blooms include peonies, peaches roses plus carnations for larger funeral tributes with varying shades adding degrees of subtlety - such as light pinks camomile daisy-type blooms alluding innocence associated with childhood sentiments; deeper hues like fuchsia communicate more passionate feelings surrounding stronger sense of loss so indicative at funerals these days.

Delivery Options for Funeral Flower Arrangements


When you need to send and order fresh funeral flowers to a service or memorial, there are several options to buy funeral flowers that are available. Delivery of your floral arrangement is an important part of the process and ensures that your tribute is displayed on time.


Local Flower Shops: Most local florists offer delivery to the funeral home, which can be arranged online or by phone. However, many florists are booked and may not complete your order in a timely manner. Sympathy Flower Arrangements works with thousands of florists in the United States and they have relationships with just as many funeral homes. If they do not have a relationship, a floral agent will reach out to that specific funeral home and will make sure your arrangement(s) will be brought directly to the funeral place or graveside in an appropriate vehicle.


Flower Delivery Companies: There are many, but the best funeral flower delivery service in the United States is Sympathy Flower Arrangements they also offer overnight deliveries if you want to send sympathy flowers that may be pre-ordered flowers online or over the phone. This delivery method often requires you to place your order 24 hours ahead of time so they can ensure it is available for same-day delivery. Before sending funeral flowers for delivery, it is best to discuss these options with a floral agent as some of these deliveries may need special catering or arrangements, depending on size/quantity.


Home Delivery Options: In many cases, it is possible to have flowers delivered directly to the deceased’s home prior to the funeral gathering or afterward when relatives are gathered together at one location. Sympathy Flower Arrangements also provides this type of flowers to send delivery service, but it may cost more than other methods because it requires more coordination between different entities (floral, courier company, and recipient). Again, it’s always best to check with a floral agent first before ordering this type of service online to make sure there aren’t any special requirements needed for your funeral flowers delivered successfully.



When choosing appropriate funeral flowers, your decision should reflect a deep respect for the departed. While there are no strict rules for which flowers to choose, many people have grown to prefer a classic bouquet or arrangement of white or cream-colored blooms as fitting final adornment. Additionally, some families may wish to include personal touches like sorority and sports colors in unique flower arrangements at funerals.


No matter the type of memorial you select, you can honor loved ones with thoughtful and meaningful flowers regardless of their personal preferences in life. If you’re having trouble deciding which arrangement to send your condolences with funeral flowers, consider speaking with a floral agent. With all this information in mind, you can create the perfect way to celebrate and remember the departed’s life and legacy.

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